• Patent published

    Patent was published and issued on August 8th, 2012, by the European Patent Office! It's the Patent EP 1805582A1.

  • Ermüdungsarm benutzbar!

    Bitte schauen sie unter "Home" und "Neuigkeiten" was ein Professor dem DSC-Konzept attestierte!

  • Ein neuer Medizin-Artikel:

    Unter "Medizin" ist ein echter Operationsfortschritt in der "Computer Aided Surgery" beschrieben!

  • Video eines frühen Prototyps

    Video eines frühen Prototyps

    This shows a short demo application, where the vertical plane parallel to the monitor is used as mousepad, the former simple cube handle with immersed click buttons is used as mouse, the depth coordinate is used as a switch for front windows of presently open programs.
    This shows, how the 3 dimensional arbitrary movement of the hand is transferred, as the hand moves the light mechanical coordinate split construction nearly frictionless.